Hi, I am Julie.

I’m a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach on a mission to help you feel more alive in your body and your life.

As women, we’ve been conditioned from childhood to believe we need to *look* a certain way to be beautiful, healthy, and fit. 

The fitness industry has been complicit in upholding this conditioning in an effort to exploit us for profit.

I say, NO MORE.

It’s time to screw the mainstream fitness industry conditioning and take back our bodies and health for ourselves.

You with me?

I believe real health & fitness comes in all sizes and shapes and has everything to do with how you *feel* in your body. Taking care of your body can resource you in other areas of your life which is why it can be such a powerful tool.

I am here to help you feel strong and secure in your body so that you can experience more of the fun stuff you want to do. I am here to guide you in achieving whatever it is you want for your body.


Active Passion Coaching

My individualized coaching is set up to help you reach your goals, whatever those may be. My ultimate goal is to help you *feel* grounded in your body and equip you with a set of skills that will support your healthy lifestyle until the end of time :-).


What You Can Expect From Coaching:

  • You’ll know exactly what foods work for your body so that you can maintain your health for good.
  • You’ll discover movement for your body that you enjoy and requires no willpower so exercise is an automatic and consistent part of your life.
  • You’ll master a skill set that will allow you to feel confident eating out, on the road, when traveling, and when life is stressful so that you never fall off track.
  • You’ll have a system that works for your lifestyle that weaves your health & fitness into the fabric of daily life so that living a healthy and fit lifestyle is automatic.
  • You’ll develop the self trust, resiliency, and mental freedom from obsessing and stressing about your body so that you have more energy and focus to do more of what you’re here to do.
  • You’ll have confidence that you’re body can take on any challenge so that you can experience more of the fun stuff you want to do.
  • You’ll feel alive in your body because you move well and have more focus, clarity, and energy than before.


How The Coaching Works?

The coaching works with you, your lifestyle, and your body type. We consider your goals and we set a plan to get you there in a simple, step-by-step way that fosters habit change so that your healthy lifestyle becomes something much more automatic.

We consider nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications to determine our best path forward. Everything is 100% individualized to you.

In addition to my weekly support and accountability, you will also have access to our online educational platform (through Precision Nutrition) that will take you through a habits based lifestyle & nutrition curriculum. You will receive daily short emails to keep you on track.

This online platform is really awesome as it guides you through a systematic and habits based curriculum that makes change doable and more likely to stick. It’s been tested on 1000’s of people and successfully help hundreds of thousands transform their behavior.

We’ll meet 1x per week for 1-hour through skype or another video application.

What we talk about in each call varies. Most calls will usually touch on nutrition and exercise, emphasizing simple ways to make the small changes executable each week in the demands of your busy life.

However, in the earlier stages of the coaching, the discussion is a bit heavier around nutrition. As that starts to flow with ease for you, we then focus more on exercise, mindset, behavior change and the structures that support you so you can create more flow with your eating habits and movement. We also can do workouts or exercise workshops on the calls too.

Each session is tailored to you and your needs in that particular moment.

You will get an exercise program tailored for you each month and I will be holding you accountable to that each week on our call. We will make weekly changes/modifications if necessary.

I typically work with clients for 6 months because that is what it takes to fully go through the process and get the full benefit. I know mainstream fitness culture would have you believing it can be done much faster. It can’t, sustainable change doesn’t work like that.


What’s Included in the Coaching:

  1. 12 1-hr calls (first 3 months) then 12 30-minute calls (last 3 months)
  2. Daily Emails & Online Access to a Nutrition & Lifestyle Curriculum through Precision Nutrition
  3. A Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis of what you are currently eating
  4. Nutrition Recommendations based on where you’re currently at
  5. Strategies & Protocols to make these eating changes easily executable
  6. Recipes and Delicious Meal ideas that are simple & individualized to you
  7. Movement Screen to test for physical limitations and movement patterns
  8. New Individualized Exercise Program each Month
  9. Exercise Schedule that fits into your lifestyle, preferences, and specific goals
  10. Lifestyle Support Strategies that will have you feeling peaceful, confident, and alive
  11. Email support between sessions
  12. My support and unwavering commitment to your success
  13. BONUS: Healthy goody basket (protein powder & bars, acupressure ball, etc)


Why 6 Months?

Even though the mainstream health & fitness industry would have you believe that you can make real change in weeks or even a month, that is simply not true.

Real change takes time to happen.You have to gain awareness of your behavior and then change your behavior – which takes practice – before these newly formed habits stick for good.

Building muscle and shaping your body also takes time — it doesn’t happen overnight. And this is a normal part of the process.

Changing our habits – how we eat, think, and move – is just like learning anything new.

We have to start at the beginning. We have to be the beginner. And although we all want pro status immediately, it simply isn’t how it works.

Imagine me telling you exactly how to ski and then expecting you to head down a black diamond ski run.

You’d be like, HELL NO.

Same idea here.

We have to work ourselves up by building a set of fundamental skills through practice, self-trust, and resiliency.


Questions About Coaching

Often times we think we know everything about what we *should* be doing, we just don’t do it. And we need some accountability and support to help us do what we *know* we should be doing.

Sometimes this turns out to be the case.

But more often what I see with clients (and have found true for myself), is something more than just inability to *follow through*.

We’ve been conditioned to think about our bodies and what we *look* like since we were young girls. Our moms have told us things and so has culture and media. Whether we’re fully aware or not, many of these messages are driving our behavior and what we *think* we should be doing.

Some of it is good and helpful, and a lot is not. Together we have an opportunity to shed light on those unhelpful messages and tune into a more useful understanding.

If you are seriously interested in coaching I’d love to jump on a 30-minute call with you so we can see if we’re a good fit for working together. Fill out this short form and I’ll email you to set up a time to talk.

Talk soon,

Julie xo