It’s 5AM in the morning and quiet, besides the sounds of monkeys howling and birds calling in the distant background. There is not a cloud in the sky and all I see is blue. I can feel the sand between my toes and a light breeze on my face.

I am at the my favorite beach excitedly starring at the magnanimous pacific ocean anticipating my first wave. I am about to go surfing, the activity I love to do, and that I call my Active Passion.

Surfing brings me energy, clarity, and joy.

I want you to think about that last statement for a minute.


What activity brings YOU energy, clarity, and joy?


Because I believe the answer to that question will bring you long term, sustainable health and vitality.

Why is Active Passion Important?

We all know how life goes — it gets busy and stressful and often times exercise gets pushed down the priority list. If we have to muster the willpower to do it, most days it simply won’t get done.

But when exercise becomes something that you truly enjoy, it suddenly gets done. When you get home from work after a long, tiring day instead of curling up on the couch you are excited to change your clothes and go move.

I am absolutely NOT a morning person, I hate getting up early. But for surfing, I’ll do it in a heartbeat because I know how much joy it is going to bring me.

By participating in your Active Passion — the physical activity that bring you joy and needs no willpower or motivation to do it — you magically change the conversation in your mind from something that you *should* do to something that you *want* to do.

You take willpower and self discipline entirely out of the equation.

So if you are already doing your Active Passion, good for you!

But if this is the first time you’ve heard the term Active Passion, let me tell you how you can discover yours. (You can download our Active Passion Framework Worksheet here to help you).

First, think about physical activities that you enjoy doing.

It might be a sport you used to play when you were a kid. It could be a physical hobby.

If you’re still unsure consider these questions.

My Active Passion -- Surfing in Nicaragua

My Active Passion — Surfing in Nicaragua

Discover Your Active Passion

1. When you were 10 years old, what was your favorite outdoor activity?

2. What sports did you play growing up?

3. Is there a physical activity that gets you excited now?

4. Where do you live and what access do you have to nature? A park? Ocean? Lake? River? Hiking trails?

5. If I asked 3 of your best friends what you are most likely doing on your day off, what would they say?

Write this all down and see what comes up for you. If you’re still not clear what your Active Passion is go out and try different physical activities until you find the one that you truly enjoy.

Then commit to doing more of it.

As you engage in your Active Passion more and more, a natural by product is wanting to further enjoy this activity. When this happens you’ll know you have hit the next step in your exercise progression. This is the perfect time to build upon what you are already doing by bringing in other training modalities to enhance your Active Passion experience.

For example we’ll use my Active Passion of surfing. To get get better at surfing I’ll need to improve my cardio endurance to last longer in the water, my strength to paddle into waves, and my balance and flexibility to perform better on the wave. So I add to my exercise routine sprinting, strength training, and yoga to address these other areas. These other modalities of exercise have helped me improve and therefore experience more fun and joy when surfing.

With Active Passion all your exercise has a purpose and is uniquely tied to what you love to do.

Goodbye willower and motivation, hello automatic and joyous exercise.

Here’s the your health!

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