Last night Nick and I were talking about food and how we used to eat. Like in the olden days, ya know? Before living in Costa Rica, back when he was working his finance job and I was selling diabetes meds.

I was telling him how I’d get home from a long day of driving around visiting doctor’s offices and open my refrigerator to find only condiments and bottled water. Ha!

I used to dread going to the grocery store, because I never knew what to buy. I’d look at a package of chicken breast and think, how am I going to make that taste good? Then I’d tell myself that I already had a few dinner plans for the week so the chicken would go bad anyway, and put the chicken breast right back down.

I’d usually get to the checkout line, with 4 different types of drinks, a few protein bars, toilet paper and call it a day. This is why my refrigerator was always empty!

Most nights after work I’d just go out or pick up some takeout. I really was too tired from my day and not really motivated to take the time to cook up a healthy meal. Plus I didn’t really like cooking…nor did I know how to create dishes that were tasty, quick, and easy.

Back then, I was a bit scared of eating. I was entertaining clients several times a week, which meant eating out at fancy restaurants. I knew my healthy eating options were limited, and if I wasn’t careful, I could easily put on weight. So I was always trying to minimize the damage by skipping meals, cutting carbs, and eating less. (I know now not a very smart strategy).

AND when I was at home ready to eat healthy…

I had to face the reality that I was totally intimidated by cooking. Like I mentioned before, I really didn’t know how to do it. It seemed like a huge process, time-consuming, and totally overwhelming. Even a dish like this, I thought would take over 30 minutes to prepare and probably not taste good.


Seared Ahi Tuna on a bed of greens with veggies and goat cheese.

Fast forward to today, and alas, I finally know better. It is actually possible to eat healthy, stay lean, and have tasty & fast meals cooked at home.

A large part of why I know this is because of Nick, who is a lover of eating & efficiency.

When I first met Nick, he’d always cook me up these fancy meals. He’d cook up tasty chicken breasts with mashed sweet potatoes and garlic infused brussel sprouts. He’d literally bring over a bag of groceries and just whip up this meal in the kitchen in like 20 minutes out of nowhere. I was sooo impressed.

I remember thinking, I want to learn how to do that. I NEED to learn how to do that.

And over the years he has taught me a thing or two in the kitchen…

–> Cooking at home CAN be easy, tasty, and healthy
–> Preparing a healthy meal can take less than 15 minutes
–> You don’t need to buy numerous seasoning to make food taste good
–> Recipes don’t necessarily need to be complicated or time consuming
–> Doing a little planning and prepping at the beginning of the week can go along way
–> So we decided to put all of our best cooking and kitchen prep info together and created our Healthy and Easy Meal Prep Guide.

It is filled with:
–> simple strategies to get your kitchen prepped for healthy eating all week
–> exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store
–> go-to meals that take less then 15 minutes to prepare
–> video recipes and MORE!
–> And it’s right here for you. Enjoy!

Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Guide – download your copy below

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