Hi we’re Nick & Julie, personal trainers and nutrition coaches, and we’re thrilled to have you here.

We have a question for you.

How would your life change if every morning you woke up feeling alive, full of energy and focus, in a body you love?

What would you accomplish? Who would you be?

Our mission is to help you revel in movement, love the way you eat, and get focused so you can live the life you’re meant to live.

But not in the conventional way, where we tell you what you “should” eat and how you “must” exercise. Instead we want to help you create your own system that makes living a healthy & fit lifestyle a natural part of who you are.

Where you don’t have to rely on will power or motivation to execute your healthy habits and behaviors. Because, let’s face it, we all know what we “should” be doing. We’ve been exposed to endless amounts of health and fitness information.

The difficult part is taking the information out of our brain and putting it into daily practice in a meaningful way that fits into our hectic schedules. And this is why we’ve created our Active Passion Framework – It’s an individualized system to help you execute good habits when life gets messy.

Our Active Passion Framework will give you the ability to bridge the gap between knowing and doing so that living a healthy & fit lifestyle becomes an extension of who you are. So that you can more consistently access your natural state of feeling alive and full of energy in a body you love.

The following 3 components make up the Active Passion Framework and will allow you to access this state of being on a regular basis:

  1. A daily movement practice that brings you joy. #LoveTheWayYouMove
  2. A few basic nutrition tools that set a foundation for health, energy, and vitality.
  3. Setting up your environments for success. This means building incremental habits into your day to day so that #1 and #2 become an effortless part of your life.

Discover the Active Passion Framework with our 3 free guides


A Little More About Our Free Active Passion Resources:

The first step in the Active Passion Framework is to find exercise that brings you joy. We refer to it as #LoveTheWayYouMove.

When you change the conversation from movement you “have to do” to movement you “want to do”, consistent daily movement becomes something that can finally be sustainable. This small mindset shift can be very powerful.

We’ve created a worksheet to help you identify movement that brings you joy and give you simple ways to integrate more of it into your busy schedule.

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Once you have the movement piece down, it is time to make some simple tweaks to your nutrition so that you have a foundation of energy, health, and vitality.

This is why we created our Meal Prep Guide to give you an easy system so that prepping and cooking a few healthy, tasty meals each week becomes a fun and effortless part of your schedule.

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And finally, here’s one of our favorite exercise programs that we use with many clients.

It’s a comprehensive 1-month program that focuses on basic strength training exercises to help jumpstart your fitness.

This simple program will give you a great foundation of fitness so that everything in your life becomes much easier. You’ll have more energy, become leaner, and build some strength to tackle life full on.

Because ultimately, life’s for living.

Life’s for adventures.

Life’s for doing whatever the heck you want because you can trust your body to get you there.

This short and effective exercise program will get you ready.

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