Today we are excited to announce a 2 part blog series revealing all the details of the latest SWF transformation. We have been teasing you with a trailer, but now we are ready to release the phenomenal results.

This is Patrick.

Patrick started working with SWF about 5 months ago, eager and determined to make change. He had specific goals in mind he wanted to achieve and through his hard work and determination he got results. BIG TIME.

Look at the before and after chart.

Before After Change
Weight (lbs) 185 165 -20
Waist (in) 35 31.5 -3.5
Hip (in) 37 36 -1
Arms (in) 14 14 0
Neck (in) 17 16.5 0.5
Body Fat 20% 9% -11%
Lean Body Mass (lbs) 148 150 2

It is loaded with impressive stats.

Most remarkably, that fact that he lost body fat while building muscle. Not always an easy feat.

Yes, it is great that he lost 20 pounds and took almost 4 inches off his waist. But losing weight and losing fat are two VERY different things.

Often, when people lose weight they lose both muscle and fat. Losing both is very easy to do and many of the more common diets, whether inadvertent or not, promote it. While it may look good on a scale, it inflates the number superficially. Many people just don’t understand when they diet, without the proper dietary and workout modifications, that they are losing muscle too. And have you ever heard of anyone talking about wanting to lose muscle? I think not. People diet to lose body fat and transform into a lean, fit version of themselves.

Why are these results impressive?

The story is told in the body fat numbers. The 11% reduction in body fat shows Patrick lost fat without losing much muscle. If he had lost 20 pounds but only reduced his body fat a few percentages, it would be apparent that he lost both muscle and fat. He also wouldn’t have looked this ripped because fat masks muscle.

To further prove this point you can take a look at the measurement of his arms. While losing the 20 lbs of fat he maintained his muscle. At the beginning Patrick’s arms measured 14 and at the end of his transformation they remained at 14. More than likely a small amount of fat was lost from his arm, which should have resulted in a decrease in the measurement. But since it stayed the same it is safe to say he also grew some lean muscle in his biceps too.

Burning fat while building and/or maintaining muscle are the results that most people are looking for. This is how you get flat stomachs with lines, definition, and the toned, beach ready body.

Congratulations Patrick!

But don’t take my word for it – hear straight from Patrick himself. Below is an excerpt from an interview we conducted with Patrick digging into more of the specifics of how he achieved his results.

His responses were so quality to our questions that we have broken them up over two blog posts so we can share with you all the details. Here is the first half of the interview. Keep your eyes peeled for the second half coming up in the next post.


What brought you to SWF?

My entire life I’ve been obsessed with soccer. I played it from childhood on through adulthood. In 2006 I tore my second ACL and never got it fixed. Then in 2011 I decided to get it repaired in San Jose, CR.

After about 8 months I slowly returned to surfing and distance running. In time, I started playing soccer again with some local Costa Ricans – which turned out to be quite the wakeup call. As a 32 year old man, out of shape and overweight, I quickly realized the physical effects of my injuries when running around with 18 and 20 year old Costa Ricans that live and breathe soccer.

I remember seeing plays unfold but my body wouldn’t react. My footwork was slow, I had no acceleration off the ball, and I had no speed.

So for a couple of months I tried training on my own. My training included a ton of running and a little gym work. While I lost a little weight I wasn’t getting results. Something had to change! That’s when someone recommended Nick and Julie..

Little did I know my life was about to change forever. I came to him with explicit goals of getting lean and faster. The results speak for themselves.

What are a few things you have learned from this transformation?

1. Nutrition is 80% of the battle, PERIOD! If you don’t eat right then don’t waste your time working out.

2. I know it’s cliché but it’s true. Commitment and dedication are everything. You can’t half ass it. From your eating to your workout regimen. Just keep plugging along and trust me you will see results. For me once I started to see even the smallest of results there was no turning back. The results were all the motivation I would ever need again.

In the beginning hiring Nick really helped me stick to showing up. When you’ve invested some financially in your health and you got someone waiting on you it’s that much easier to roll out of bed at 6:30am or anytime for that matter.

3. Sleep is huge and I didn’t realize its importance and how it can wreak havoc on your health. Before NHF I would stay up until 12am or 1am in the morning watching TV and eating junk food. Then the next morning I’d wake up 5 minutes before I’d need to be in the office leaving little time to eat a healthy breakfast.

After working out, I’m so tired that by 9pm or 10pm it’s time to hit sack. Then I’m up at 6am the next morning ready to train with plenty of time to cook a healthy breakfast and be in the office early. Cooking my morning breakfast has now become one of the biggest things I look forward to when I start my day.

How do you feel now that you have achieved these results?

It feels amazing. Simply put my life has completely changed for the better both physically but also mentally and spiritually from these results. There’s no price that can be put on that.

I am less tired throughout the day which has impacted my productivity in the office as well as my personal life.

My surfing has changed a lot as well. I was slow to get to my feet before now it’s super easy for me to pop up and jump down the line.

What would you say to someone who is standing where you were at the beginning of this process doubting their ability to get the changes they want?

Write out your goals. Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get better at a sport?

Using your goals, find a trainer that can help you achieve these goals.

Finally believe in yourself. In time that belief will be unshakeable. Just put your head down and go. Each day will build on itself – days into weeks, weeks into months. (It took me about 4 months to get these results). Ultimately, the results will shine through in your body, mind, and spirit from your hard work.

Stay tuned for the next blog post where we share the specifics on how Patrick changed his diet and workout routine to shed the fat and keep the muscle.

I want to thank Patrick for taking the time to share his amazing story – it’s an inspiration to all of us. And it just goes to show if you put in the hard work and stay dedicated, you can achieve whatever goal you desire.

If you want to know the brain behind the muscle or who just might be the next mayor of Tamarindo, check out Patrick’s bio:

Patrick Tigue is a 6 year resident of Tamarindo. When he’s not fanatically watch international soccer or surfing he’s busy hustling the internet. Patrick is the owner of Downtown Ecommerce Partners, an eCommerce marketing firm with offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tamarindo, Melbourne, and New Delhi.

To learn more check out:

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