I’ve talked before about how training for surfing will get you leaner, stronger, and help you move your body better, but today I want to talk about why I think surf training is one of the most complete ways to get fit.

So, we’ve already established some of the physical benefits:

  • Surf training will make you stronger.
  • Surf training will give you more endurance.
  • Surf training will make you leaner.
  • Surf training will make you move better.
  • Surf training will increase your balance.

But let’s also talk about mental benefits that you get from surf training that are missing from most other types of training out there:

  • Surf training will make you more resilient.
  • Surf training will make you more adaptable.
  • Surf training will make you more present.
  • Surf training will help you deal with failure.

The most amazing aspect of surf training is that it will give you all the physical aspects that you desire (getting leaner and stronger, looking good naked, attracting the opposite sex, etc), but at the same time it will help you develop mental abilities that very few other fitness modalities can offer.

It’s this completely holistic approach to what it means to be fit and healthy that makes surf training one of the best ways to train.

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If you want to live a fit, active lifestyle that you enjoy and live to the fullest, I can’t think of a better way to train your body and mind.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to get fit, but here’s my problem with what’s currently out there.

Female Bodybuilding:


What good is looking great naked if you’re stuck eating out of Tupperware, always hangry, and never able to enjoy a few cocktails with friends?

Most of the cover models or physique competitors that you see in their fake tans and emaciated bodies are completely miserable. Getting super lean to look the way they do takes an enormous amount of sacrifice and it’s one that I believe is not worth it.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. I’m sorry but counting every calorie you consume and spending hours in the gym isn’t my idea of what it means to be fit.

I don’t want to knock figure competitors because it does take an extraordinary amount of discipline and hard work to get that lean, but for me – life is worth living and doing cool shit with your body (ahh, hello surfing) not standing in front of mirror taking selfies, counting calories, and stressing about water weight.

Men’s Bodybuilding


Being super strong and having lots of muscle is incredible for your long-term health, makes for strong bones, and for being a super friend if you get into a late night altercation at the bar, but if you can’t move all that muscle well, what’s the point?

I see these guys in the gym all the time. They are big as hell, but can’t move worth shit. Ask them to touch their toes or run a mile and they fail miserably.

Being fit is so much more than just having big strong muscles.

Yoga training:

Yoga, pose, pigeon.

On the other side of the strength / flexibility spectrum, there are the yogis that have amazing flexibility and bendiness. It’s awesome to see what the human body can do with this practice and dedication to flexibility.

But the only problem is that when you have this extreme flexibility without the proper strength to control it, you put the joints and connective tissue at a high risk for injury.

While yogis move well and have good flexibility, their lack of strength puts them at risk for getting injured.

Running / Endurance training


Most runners have healthy hearts and terrific cardiovascular capacity. If we ever have to outrun the zombies when the world comes to an end, I’d like to have a runner friend out in front setting the pace for me.

But getting a runner friend to help you move that couch or lift something heavy off the ground and they wont be much help.

And then there’s the fact that something like 85% of runners get hurt every year. While all physical activity comes with a certain amount of risk, if you’re only doing one type of movement repeatedly over and over, you could put yourself at a higher risk of injury.

So while all of these popular training modalities have their benefits, they are all missing vital components to the bigger fitness picture.

With surf training, you get it all.

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You’ll be lean and strong. You’ll have both power and endurance.

You’ll move well because as a surfer, you need to move well in order to surf well.

You’ll develop a greater sense of balance because without it, surfing doesn’t work so well.

You’ll develop persistence and grit because surf training will be hard.

It will be different.

You’ll most likely not be good at it at first.

But by sticking with it, making small progress everyday and learning to fall in love with the process, you will keep coming back. You will persevere in the face of adversity.

You’ll develop a greater sense of presence.

So much of surf training and surfing requires you to be in the moment. There is no other option. There is no past or future when you’re riding a wave. There is no way you’re thinking about a to-do list while riding a wave. It’s the most powerful tool I have come across in getting out of the thinking brain and just being in the moment.

This has powerful transfer into everyday life when you are bombarded by external noise, shitty people, and situations outside of your control. When you can be a little more present, I believe you’re better equipped to handle the shit-storms that life will inevitably throw at you.

Surf Training Is For You

Even if you never plan to surf, surf training can be an incredible way for you to take back your life, build a strong and resilient body, and develop mental abilities that will give you an unfair advantage in life.

We all have the option to choose how we spend our time training our body and mind.

Why not choose one of the most complete ways to get fit.

And when I say fit, I mean fit for real life.

Fit for doing the shit you want to do.

Fit for calling bullshit to that lie that your age determines our activity level.

Fit to inspire your kids to want to move their bodies.

Fit so that you can stop taking your medication.

That’s what I’m talking about. Who’s with me on some surf training?!

If you want to get started on your 30-day fitness journey to a leaner and stronger you, simply click on the link below.

30-Day Surfer Body Program

Thanks for reading. 

We’ll talk soon, 


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