Most of my life, my motivation to workout or eat healthy came from a place of fear.

  • Fear that I was going to gain weight.
  • Fear that I needed to lose weight.
  • Fear that one day I’d be old and overweight.
  • Fear that I wouldn’t be attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Fear that I’d develop some chronic or even, deadly disease.

Fear, fear, and yes more fear.

This fear drove me to the gym, got me out of bed in the morning to eat egg whites, and fueled even a late night workout when necessary.

Sound familiar :)?

It’s totally natural for us to do this – we’re wired this way.

But what if we could dramatically improve our outcome in any endeavor by using something positive to motivate us instead of fear, how would that impact our outcome?

What if we took our precious energy out of the fear and instead placed it into something that brings us joy and that makes us happy?

  • Would we be more motivated?
  • Would it change our mindset?
  • Would it become more enjoyable?
  • Would it be more fun, making us happier?

I say – OH HELL YES!

The truth is when you use positive motivation instead of negative motivation you get better results.

  • You are more motivated.
  • You are more consistent.
  • The process becomes more enjoyable.
  • You want to do it because it brings you joy.

And this is why you get better results – because it is sustainable.

We humans only do things consistently if we enjoy doing them, not if they’re torture, dull, or uninspiring to us.

That is why Nick and I talk so much about Active Passion and finding movement/exercise that you truly love. Download your free Active Passion Worksheet here.

Because when you enjoy what you’re doing and have a clear focus as to your why – you become unstoppable.

Your health and fitness goals become something that are totally attainable and maintainable FOREVER.

I know this first hand, because finding my active passion – surfing (duh! :)) and training for it has made a huge difference in my mindset (motivation), training style, and most dramatically, in my physical body…hello glutes and shoulders.

In the old days, I had no real purpose to why and how I trained, fear ruled. Nowadays, there is clear purpose and focus to my training, and joy is queen :).

Here’s how training for surfing completely transformed my relationship to my health & fitness and how it can transform yours too – even if you never plan to step foot in the ocean.

1) Improved Mindset

Training for surfing gave me a purposeful perspective. 

Breathe in this quote for a second:

There’s beauty in being strong and having purpose. In order to conquer your dreams you need to master your craft. Life isn’t about finding yourself but creating yourself. -Courtney Conlogue, Pro Surfer

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.25.09 AM

Photo Credit: Courtney Conologue

Could this be any more empowering?

We create who we are and who we become with every choice we make each and every day. I love that.

Instead of using fear tactics to get myself motivated, I have a specific purpose to my training that means something to me, not anybody else. I am not mindlessly getting in my minutes on a treadmill because some expert told me to. I am training in a way that I desire and that is going to help me become a better surfer. I’ll be able to paddle into bigger waves, make better turns, and spend more time in the water.

This all equates to more joy and fun in my life. Now that is a cause I can get behind ALWAYS. No motivation required.

What is a cause you can get behind? Discovering your active passion and knowing your “why” can have a profound impact on your mindset towards your training and bring about a much deeper sense of fulfillment from your fitness. If you’re not sure about “your why”  or active passion check out this post here.

2) More Complete Training Protocol

Years ago I used to mostly focus on cardio at the gym, with a little weights.

Now my training protocol is much more complete. Not only do I lift heavy weights, I also integrate other modalities of training for a more holistic (complete) workout. Surf training incorporates other essential modalities of training like breathing, balance, and flexibility.

All of the above will make you a better surfer, but these modalities also are important to everyone’s health and fitness. Here’s why:

1. Breathing — one of the most essential and often taken for granted automatic responses we have. Proper breathing allows us to breathe deep and use our diaphragm muscles for control. But for many of us, because of too much sitting, bad posture, etc we use the muscles in our neck and shoulders instead. This causes us to shallow breathe. Not only do we get less oxygen to our brain and tissues, we also end up with pain in those areas as well. Learning to improve your breathing technique will have a positive effect on your health and energy levels. Want to learn how to breath properly? VIDEO HERE.

2. Flexibility — is critical to moving well. We need strong muscles to protect our bones in conjunction with flexibility so we can move well. As we age it is easy to lose flexibility in our muscles which can decrease our range of motion. Doing specific exercises to counteract this is necessary to keep our muscles strong and fluid so we can continue to move with ease.

3) Balance — having a strong and stable core is fundamental to good posture and alignment. When you have a weak core you can have all sorts of back and neck pain, tight hamstrings, and improper movement patterns throwing your entire body out of alignment.

Because I train for surfing I no longer have a one dimensional training routine, I now have a multi dimensional training routine incorporating the entire body through different modalities of exercise.  Back in the old days, I didn’t understand how vital these other components are for long term health and vitality. I was just chasing my fear of not getting fat and thinking very short term.

So I want to ask you — is your training program complete? Are you incorporating exercises for what you want now and your long term health? Is there any modality missing you could add?

3) Improved My Physique

If you want tight glutes, flat abs, and ripped shoulders – train for surfing!

I’ve had the best results with surf training.

It makes sense that I’d have killer results with a purpose & plan that is truly inspiring to me, allowing me to be more consistent. But I can’t leave out the additions to my training and their impact. I’ve transformed my upper body, my abs, and my glutes in ways I never was able to achieve before.

3 Body Changes From Surf Training 

It's pull-up time!

It’s pull-up time!

Ripped Arms and Back – Training with pull-ups improved my upper body strength which has defined my back and shoulders in ways I was never able to achieve with just weights. I don’t know if I would have put myself through the agony of pull-up training (ha!, it’s not agonizing, but I used to think it would be), if I didn’t want to get super strong to paddle into bigger waves and last longer in the water. Having a purpose for your strength is a powerful motivator.





Time for surf!

Tight and Curvy Glutes – To make strong turns and do cut backs on the wave you need strength, and for women we generate it from our legs and glutes. By specifically training my backside I have created a strong, powerful backside so I can generate the power necessary. A few of my favorite glute exercises are deadlifts, hip thrusts, and bulgarian split squats. Here’s a great glute workout.






Surfer Body Abs

Flat Abs – Training for balance on the board comes from having a strong core. Doing more balance and core work has helped me flatten my abs but also given me the much needed strength to stay on the board, even the most critical part of the wave.






It’s amazing how once I changed my focus and started training for performance, I started having more fun and the body changes I had always wanted appeared. Of course, I always wanted this tight, curvy, and strong physique but because I was so focused on losing weight and being skinny, it’s no surprise I never got there.

Training for surfing helped me realize that if I fuel my body properly to make the most out of my workouts, I will get better results and become more fit than I imagined. We can achieve so much more when we focus on something much bigger than just our fear.

So I ask — Are you ready for tight glutes, flat abs, and ripped shoulders?

If so, it’s time to train for surfing – even if you are never going to step foot in the water. Learn how I transformed my body with the exact exercises and nutrition recommendations in our BRAND NEW Surfer Body Program launching July 15.

For all the details, click on the link below:

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