So you guys definitely know for the last month we have been talking a lot about glutes. It’s all been in preparation for the launch of the Better Bikini Bum Program that has been happening this week and will be over at the end of day today. (So we’re almost done, hang in there if glutes aren’t your thing:)).

However, if you’re sitting on the fence, please email me now so I can answer any lingering questions that may be weighing on your mind. Time is running out to get the program. And after today, the program won’t be available. So if this program is a good fit for you, I want you to get it because I know it will be awesome for you. I truly believe in it. If there is anything you’re still thinking about, let’s talk.

Behind the Scenes of Better Bikini Bum + A Love Story

But beyond that, I want to give you a little behind-the-scenes-access and insight into the creation of the better bikini bum program. Because, well, you know, this program has its roots in love.

This program may have not been born if it wasn’t for this picture.

"Before" shot that marks the beginning of my bbb journey.

You’ve seen this “before” picture of mine. It’s all over facebook, on our blog, and the sales page. But that picture, may have never come into fruition if it wasn’t for love, or my love, Nick. You see, this photo was secretly snapped by Nick at the beach on a trip we were on in the south of Costa Rica in the jungle. We were in Pavonnes, a place neither of us had ever visited before in Costa Rica, in the very beginning of our relationship.

And at the time, if he would have showed me that he took that picture, I imagine I would have deleted it quite quickly out of embarrassment, denial, or some feeling of inadequacy.

But as Nick always teases me, his love for me is beyond skin deep. Ha! And in fact, he tells me those photos he snapped looked good to him. Good lessons there for me. And any women, men like us a few pounds heavier than we think.

Here is another picture from that trip.

Just another day on the beach walking the fallen coconut tree. Paradise :).

Just another day on the beach walking the fallen coconut tree. Paradise :).

The other thing I want to mention is that putting my bum on the internet was not easy – my before or my after shot. Both were stretches for me, but especially the before.

But this experience – where I reshaped by backside, shed fat, and shared it with others. Where I set a goal, created a plan, and executed with success.

It all has been totally empowering. And allowed me to get out of my own head, think bigger, be more accepting of myself, and let go of the opinions of others.

And here in lies why I am so passionate about fitness.

It has the power to be so completely transformational.

The experience can change how you look, how you think, and how you feel. And can help you become, so much more, of whatever it is you want to become.

So I just want to leave you with that.

And lastly remind you, that if you are ready to have a transformational experience through fitness, Nick and I are here to support you. One way we can do that right now is through the Better Bikini Bum Program. It has everything you need to make a dramatic difference in your health and fitness – you’ll be leaner and fitter than ever.

If interested, you can learn more here. But again, this is the last day to get it. Tomorrow it won’t be available. So act now if you’re interested:).

And that’s really all for now :).

If you have any questions, email me (, I am by my computer for the rest of the day.


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