Lunges are great for developing single leg strength and balance. This is vital to surfing well, but even more important for anyone wanting to build good-looking legs that allow you to move around with grace. And for the ladies out there, building this leg strength will give you that toned, lean look you’re after (of course, once your body fat % gets to a certain level.)  

Step Back Lunges Are Knee Friendly

The problem with most lunges is the force applied to the knee joint during the step forward motion. This can make typical forward lunges painful on the knees. Step back lunges are much more friendly on the knees because there is less gliding force on knee joint as you step backwards. I’ve had plenty of clients complain of knee pain with forward lunges, but with step back lunges, they are completely pain free. And that is certainly the case with me. Normal lunges = knee pain. Step back lunge = pain-free.

A step back lunge will also develop the inside of the legs, glutes, and hamstrings more than other variations of lunges. This is a perfect combo for balanced, strong legs that both look great and perform well.

Check out these 2 variations in the video below – TRX Step back lunge and the DB step back lunge. 

15-Minute Full Body Workout

If you’re looking to use the step back lunge as part of mini workout, here you go! Add an upper body pulling movement and a plank to the step back lunge for a quick and simple 3-move full body circuit.

 Lunge / Pull / Plank 30 by 30

30 seconds – TRX step back lunge or DB step back lunge

30 seconds rest

30 seconds – TRX row or DB row

30 seconds rest

30 seconds – Plank

Rest 1 min. Repeat 3-5 rounds.

That’s it for today.

I’d love to know – which lunge variation do you like better? Comment below, that would be awesome!


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