In part 2 of our transformation series, we’ll take a look at Adam, a 37-yr old male who lost 20 lbs. and over 4 inches in his waist… all while holding down a stressful job and full family life with a wife and 2 little boys at home.

Weight & Fat Loss Is Rarely Linear

This might look like a more typical progress chart, if you compare it to part 1 in the series – but even as Adam’s weight was trending down in a nice gradual way, there was no linear relationship.

Again, progress is rarely linear. Why? Because the body is always changing and adapting.

What can we learn from Adam’s weight loss journey?

1. Regularly Track Data Over A Minimum Of 3-4 Months

You already know that weight loss and fat loss rarely happen in a linear manner. When you’re following a weight and fat loss program, you’ll want to measure your progress regularly to make sure you’re achieving the results you want over the longer term.

For example, if you look at the waist circumference chart around mid-Feb to mid-April, you’ll notice that Adam’s waist measurement increased from 33.5 to 34 inches.

But over the course of the 5-month period, it’s a small blip in the gradual trend down from 35 inches to under 32 inches. Looking at it from that larger time scale gives the real perspective that matters.

2. Waist Circumference Down + Weight Up = Muscle Growth

If you look at the last data point around June, Adam’s weight jumps up while his waist circumference continues to drop.

When your waist goes down and your body weight goes up, that almost always means you’re building muscle without adding fat. And that’s what we’re looking for.

How To Get Lean & Strong

Adam came to me with the desire to feel better and have more energy, but he also wanted to tighten up his midsection, which had gotten a little softer over the past 10 years. He wanted a little more muscle tone, in his words.

Muscle tone is kind of misnomer in the fitness world. Having a “toned” body is really the combination of having a decent amount of muscle combined with a lower body fat percentage. That’s it.

That combination of muscle with less body fat creates the appearance of “toned” muscles.

For many people, especially if you have a little bit of muscle mass already, simply getting leaner – i.e. shedding some body fat, will create that desired goal of muscle “tone.”

So for Adam, since he already had a little muscle, we focused the first 4 months of his fitness program on getting leaner. Then, we transitioned into building more muscle. We focused on one specific goal at a time.

Pick One Goal At A Time, & Stick With It

Getting leaner AND building more muscle mass at that same time is very very difficult. It’s not impossible, but unless you want to track every rep in the gym and count every morsel of food that goes into your mouth, it’s very hard to do.

That’s why I always have clients choose one or the other, and focus on that goal for 1-2 month blocks (sometimes more). Again, this depends on your specific goals and more importantly your current lifestyle, but it’s a good rule of thumb to focus on one training goal at a time.

3. More Than Just Body Composition

Adam’s body composition was just one piece of his transformation. When we first started working together, Adam struggled with low back pain. And as a big-time golfer, it was a top priority to solve this issue.

He was spending a lot of time sitting at a desk, which was almost certainly contributing to his low back pain, and was definitely not making it any better. He couldn’t play golf at the level he was accustomed to because of the back pain, and when he did get to play, the pain would linger for days after.

Eliminating Back Pain & Improving Quality Of Life

With these goals in mind, we focused a good deal of his training on improving the flexibility and mobility of his spine and hips.

Adam started every day with 5 minutes of mobility and stability exercises, specifically designed for his body. It looked very similar to this here:

Consistency Yields Results

Again, eliminating Adam’s back pain didn’t happen overnight. Achieving huge changes in his body took 4 months (and counting) of consistent execution of these simple yoga-like stretches, which he did for 5 minutes every day.

No secret tips or magic pills. Simply, getting the major joints of the body strong and stable with consistent daily movement. Adam’s back pain disappeared, and he’s now feeling the best he has felt on the golf course in a long time.

What To Do Next

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