Today we’re going back to upper body and core, but we’re upping the ante a bit. We’re adding a significant amount of difficulty in today’s video. A few people were asking for some more advanced moves, especially those familiar with the TRX. You ask and you shall receive!

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Today’s video will show you 2 exercises that will give you awesome looking shoulders and a ripped core.

These are intermediate to advanced exercise so please proceed with caution. Make sure you can do a proper push-up before progressing to these exercises.

Feeling good and up for a little challenge?

Try this one out. Set a timer for 2 minutes and see how many atomic push-ups you can do. You can take rest as needed, but keep the timer going. Once 2 minutes hit, write down your number.

Guess what? You just took the biggest step in getting closer to your fitness goals –> TRACKING 

You now know where you are. This is huge. It doesn’t matter where you are, it just matters that you know where you are. 

Couldn’t get 1, that’s fine. No judgments. But now you know what you have to work on. 

Got 12, that’s awesome. Good job. Now, ask yourself what’s next? What do you want to work on? Want to shoot for 20? Or maybe you have another goal in mind? It doesn’t really matter, as long as you have some goal or some other outcome based target that you are working towards. 

As a general guideline, ladies I would shoot for 10 atomic push-ups. Above 20 is terrific. Over 30 is amazing.

Fellas, I would say 20 would be a good target. Over 30 is a great number. Once you get above 40, we’re talking elite level.

If you can get over 50, write me a message and let me know if I can come train with you!

That’s all for today. Enjoy your day and give that challenge a shot!

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