It’s an early Sunday morning and I see a picture text come through my phone. It’s my client Jon. 

Below what looks to be a large piece of fish with a ton of veggies, Jon writes:

“I just finished up my morning tennis game with my brother Jeff , but I wanted to show you this stellar dinner from last night – looks good, right? And it tasted amazing too!”

I quietly nod and shoot back a big thumbs up.

Just the day before, Jon shared with me that his blood work he got from his doctor is trending in the right direction as well. He also told me that his wife is now helping him prep a few tasty meals for lunch so he doesn’t have to eat that monster burrito from the taco shop next to his office at lunchtime.

Jon is making some serious progress forward. We have some really good momentum going and I’m excited for him.

Jon’s going to absolutely crush his goal of losing 20 lbs and being able to play with his son without getting winded.

Why am I so certain about Jon’s success? I’ll give you a hint. It has nothing to do with him personally.

It’s has everything to do with everyone else around him.

He’s got a solid team of people on his side!

  • He’s has me – coach, trainer who helps guide him and ask for pictures of meals.
  • He’s has his competitive brother Jeff who loves to play tennis and insists on a weekly game.
  • He’s has his doctor monitoring his blood work to make sure his health markers look good.
  • He’s has his wife as a partner in crime in the kitchen helping him prep meals for the week.

Jon’s has his squad. And it’s because of this I have no doubt Jon will see great progress with his fitness goals. That is the power of a good team.

Good teams achieve greatness that would be impossible individually. Good teams inspire others. Good teams make everyone better.

What Does Having a Team Look Like?

Having a team means you have people in your life that help guide, support, and motivate you to achieve your goals. We all need a team. We can’t do everything on our own, especially when you have the messiness of real life that gets in the way.

Having a team can look like any of the following:

  • That best friend that gets you who always answers your calls no matter what
  • A family member who is always there for you
  • Maybe it’s your dog that jumps into your bed at 5am demanding a walk
  • Or how about your little kid that is always down for a game of tag

 Ideally, you want each team member to bring a little something different to the table.

  • You have the family member or best friend for support
  • Then you have a co-worker or another friend who is down for healthy competition
  • And you have a doctor or health care professional that can measure blood work and other metrics to monitor your health
  • And maybe you have a personal trainer or nutrition coach that you can look to for advice, guidance, motivation, and most importantly, accountability

Having a Team is the Key to Being Unstoppable

We know how motivation goes sometimes.

Not everyday will you be itching to go workout, but if you have that friend or family member knocking on your door to go play, it will be much more difficult to stay on that couch.

It’s given with any kind of behavior change that there will be setbacks and some days of serious struggle. But having that girlfriend to chat with or that buddy to grab a beer with is a huge outlet that can make all the difference between staying the course and giving up.

Or how about taking on the activity of cooking healthy meals as a fun partner activity with your spouse or loved one?

Or maybe you have that neighbor that you join for nightly walks after dinner?

Having these team members in place will give that extra push, that extra spark, help keep you accountable, and let you vent frustration.

These are all human needs that your team provides and it can make all the difference in the success of your fitness journey.

How To Find Your Team Members?

Take a second to think about you the people in your life. Most likely, you already have a few team members in place.

Do you have a coach? Maybe you have a trusted resource online that you look to for information or guidance? Or maybe it could be someone in your family that is up to speed with all the lasted health news?

How about a health care pro? Hopefully you have someone who looks after your major health markers. When the last time you got some blood work done?

How about someone you can go to for support?

A workout buddy? A gym class that you love? A co-worker that’s super competitive?

And lastly, how about someone to cheer you on and give you that positive encouragement at every turn?

Remember, assembling a great team might take many years. The idea is to think about your team right now and which roles you can fill right now.

How’s Your Team Looking?

Think about who might be able to fill a needed spot.

If you’re looking for someone to fill that coaching spot, we have great news.

We’re launching our 30-Day Fat Loss Program in a couple weeks. 

The 30-Day Fat Loss Program will give you a comprehensive 30-day exercise and nutrition program that will get you fit and have you shedding fat right away. The best part is that we’re also offering a coaching component via a private Facebook group that will give you the added support and guidance that you might need.

This coaching aspect of the program has proven to be such a vital piece of the transformation process. Not only will you have guidance and support of us, but you’ll also receive that vital accountability that is so crucial for success. You’ll also have a group of motivated people who are all on the same journey as you, facing the same obstacles, dealing with the same challenges, and coming up with the solutions that you might not have thought about on your own.

It’s our team and we’re so excited to harness the power of the group to get your 2016 off to an amazing start.

The program will officially begin on January 25th. If you’re interested, please sign up on the waiting list below. You’ll have first access when we launch the program with exclusive discounts not available anywhere else.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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