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The Secret To Staying Motivated
How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Perfection
8 Ways Strength Training Will Improve Your Life
Transformation #2: Singular Focus – To Build Muscle or Shed Fat?
The Grass Is Always Greener Myth
Transformation Story #1 – How Matt Lost 15-lbs of Fat & Eliminated His Back Pain
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10 Ways To Get Out of the Grind and Take Back Your Health
Refuel Your Buckets With The OverFlow Effect
The Key To Vitality: Exercise Less & Move More
The Bullshitery of Transformation Pics
Active Passion: Exercise That Needs No Motivation
How To Stress Less About Food
3 Reasons Glute Training Improves Running
3 Ways To Shield Yourself From Mainstream Fitness Culture Programming
Forget Self-Discipline – Build This Skill Instead
Avoid This One Food Combo To Stay Lean
The 2 Most Dangerous Words You Can Say


Limited Time For Exercise? Do This Short, Effective Workout
How To Lose Fat And Eat Carbs
Top 5 Stretches To Offset The Damages Of Sitting
Bulletproof Your Body & Eliminate Pain in 5 Minutes A Day – PART 3
Bulletproof Your Body & Eliminate Pain in 5 Minutes A Day
Don’t Be Fooled By “Fake” Healthy Breakfasts
How To Drink Alcohol & Stay Fit
4 Breakfast Foods That Will Destroy Productivity
Increase Productivity With These 3 Foods
3 Breathing Exercises To Increase Energy & Reduce Stress
Why Surf Training Trumps Other Exercise Programs
How Training For Surfing Transformed My Body
3 Ways Surf Training Will Get You Fit – Even If You Don’t Surf
Stop Wasting Your Money On Juice Detoxes
Newsflash: You Can Lose Inches While Drinking Alcohol
4 Fat Loss Principles That Work, Guaranteed
How Does Your Workout Stack Up? Test It Here!
3 Ways To Prioritize Your Fitness Goals Despite Your Busy Schedule
The Best Post Workout Protein Shake
Do You Need To Stretch? Take This Test To Find Out
Want To Lose Fat Without Changing What You Eat? Do These 4 Things.
4 Pillars To Live a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle
Would You Rather Be Perfect Or Good?
4 Tips For Fat Loss That Are No-Brainers
The Four Foundations Of Fat Loss
The Best Fat Loss Workouts For Busy People
How Your Neighbor, Brother, And Best Friend Can Help You Shed Fat


The Simple Way Fitness Changes Lives
5 Fat Loss Solutions That Helped Me Lose 10% Body Fat (and get these abs)
5 Simple Holiday Practices To Stay Fit
8 Outdated Fitness Beliefs
Top 5 Highlights of Living Abroad in Costa Rica
How The Ocean Boosts Your Brain
The Case To Exercise Less
Deadlifts & Downward Dogs: A Worthy Combination
Free Diving With Hammer Head Sharks
Why I Broke Up With My Minimus Training Shoes
Become a Better Cook with These 5 Spices
Why I Was Wrong – A Case For Making Your Bed
Answer This Question And You’ll Never Miss A Workout Again
A Stiff Dude Walks Into a Yoga Class
How To Eat Courageously
FREE Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Guide
A Self-Experiment in Hacking Jet Lag
Can You Control Your Nervous System With Breathing?
Calorie Counting Sucks – Here’s an Alternative Solution
RECIPE: Pan-Seared Flank Steak
RECIPE: Roasted Squash & Zucchini
RECIPE: Juicy Baked Chicken
RECIPE: Best Tuna Salad Ever
Use Sandbag Slams To Torch Body Fat
Fat Loss Nutrition Made Easy
Stay Fit On The Road With These 2 Rules
Why Eating Healthy is NOT Enough
Bikini Planks Are Back!
How To Automate Meals For Fat Loss
Are You Making This Mistake With Your Plank?
Want More Energy While Shedding Fat? Do This One Thing.
5 Travel Practices to Keep You Fit on the Road
Why Simplifying Breakfast Increases Productivity
The Better Bikini Bum Love Story
Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle
Get A Plan – Better Bikini Bum Special Offer
Avoid These 3 Nutrition Mistakes and Build a Better Backside
How I Transformed My Backside
It’s Booty Training Time – Glute Workout Inside
Why Rushing To Yoga Helps Me Stress Less
Non-Surgical Butt Lift? You Bet. Read More.
How Choosing A Pair of Shoes Will Make You Eat Pizza
It’s Glute Training Time – Week 1
How Living Abroad Will Change You…For Good!
Booties Do A Body Good
Hard Landing Back Into the USA
Accelerate Fat Loss Using Metabolic Finishers
The Most Underrated Exercise is…
The Forgotten Piece To Fat Loss #PADLE
Reduce Stress and Recover Faster with Proper Breathing
Why I Stopped Giving A F*ck. It’s Not What You Think.
How to Fix Bad Posture and Boost Confidence
3 Advanced Pull-up Variations
Transform Your Body With Pull-ups
Which Is Better For Fat Loss – Pineapple or Avocado?
Two Minutes To Sculpted Shoulders
Do This Exercise To Add Years To Your Life
Do You Suffer From “I don’t have time” Syndrome?
Fire Up The Butt And Legs
How Fear Almost Stopped Me From Taking A Journey Of A Lifetime
Do This Exercise For Sculpted Shoulders and a Tight Core
This 1 Thing Will Transform Your Body. Guaranteed.
Want To Look Like A Surfer? Train Like One.
Insights Into Fear From The 90-Degree Gym
3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Sneakers
Why The Kettlebell Swing Kicks Ass
4 Step Recipe To Fat Loss – Are you Missing an Essential Ingredient?
How An 11-Year-Old Boy Took Me Down
Think You Eat Healthy? Test Yourself Here.
#1 Fitness Trend of 2015


How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
Fresh and Easy Cole Slaw
How to Change Bad Habits
5 Ways To Become Superhuman With Flow
Join The Revolution: Throw Out Your Scale
What’s Missing From Your Fitness Program
ALERT: Bacon & Butter Lovers Beware!
How a Busy Entrepreneur Lost 12 Pounds and Transformed Her Life
Why The Scale Doesn’t Tell The Full Story
Nutritional Battle Royale II – Apples Vs. Almonds
Nutritional Battle Royale I – Bacon & Eggs Vs. Granola
How To Lose Body Fat – In Two Simple Steps
How Patrick Lost 11% Body Fat
The Cardio Myth – Are You A Believer?
How To Look Like Jessica Biel – Lift Weights
A Surf-aholic’s Reflection: How Surfing Became My Favorite Addiction
How To Lose 23 lbs Of Fat In 3 Simple Steps
RECIPE: Cauliflower Rice
How To Eat Right For Your Body Type
Our #1 Post Workout Shake
How To Stay Healthy While Traveling – Best Fat Burning Foods To Take on The Road
You Are The Captain of Your Ship


Exercise As Medicine – Mental Benefits Of Surfing
Is Your Mind Full Or Are You Mindful?
5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
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