Does the idea of eating healthy intimidate you?

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to all the nutrition information out there?

Are you confused if you should eat kale or spinach – which one is better?

If you relate at all to any of the above, I’ve got some great news for you.

You can completely change your eating habits and lose fat without changing the food you are eating. Even if you’re eating what’s considered “unhealthy” foods,  you still can make progress towards your fitness goals.

Wait, what?

(You’re probably thinking you must have read that wrong).

You didn’t :).

You don’t have to switch your dinner to broccoli and chicken breast for the foreseeable future to shed those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around.

There is an alternative.

Even if you are busy, eating out numerous times a week, or traveling – you can apply these healthy habits.

But before I tell you what they are you need to understand this.

In order for you to shed fat and get fitter you don’t have to make 8000 changes. You don’t have to change everything you do, exercise 5 times a week, and eat perfect 5 days a week to make progress.

All it takes to start making consistent change is this:

You need to get a little bit better than you were the day before.

 Yep that’s it.

 It really is that simple.

Of course you must be consistent and patient, but if you improve each day on each of these habits, in time you will completely transform your body and subsequently your life.

And the best part about incremental change is that it is SUSTAINABLE.

Meaning, you’ll never have to go on a DIET again. (cue cheering!)

So you ready for the 4 habits that will completely transform your body with no other dietary changes needed?

Here we go.

4 Healthy Habits That You Can Apply To Any Food You Eat, Including Doughnuts

1) Eat Slowly

This is by far the most effective tool to transform how you eat and ultimately your waistline. I wrote an entire blog post about it here.  

What’s most important to understand is that it takes almost 20 minutes for the signal that travels from your stomach to get to your brain telling you that you’re full.

So when you eat fast it is easy to eat past your full point without even knowing it. If you ever find yourself stuffed and slightly uncomfortable, that’s most likely because you ate too fast.

2) Eat to 80% full 

This goes hand and hand with #1. In order to eat until you’re 80% full you have to eat slowly so you can actually feel in real time when you are actually approaching fullness. 

If you’re wondering what 80% feels like, don’t worry, clients ask me that question all the time. Eating to 80% fullness means you are satisfied, satiated and could take another bite if you wanted to.

 3) Eat Protein first, Veggies Second, And Carbs Last

By making sure you fill up on the “right nutrients” first, you automatically set yourself up for success. I rarely meet a client that gets enough protein, so eat your protein first. You can’t eat too much.

Not only does protein have a large impact on your overall fullness factor but it also gives your body the resources it needs to preserve the lean muscle tissue you already have. This is key to losing fat not just weight.

4) Eat More Meals At Home

By simply making more meals at home, you’ll be eating healthier.

Unfortunately when eating out you’ll consume many more calories than you would at home. There are hidden calories in everything and since you didn’t prepare it yourself you won’t even know how many. A perfect example of this is the amount and types of oils restaurants use – there are ways to somewhat control this factor (for example, ordering something grilled vs fried will always have less oil used), but the reality is that you have little control of what’s goes into your food while eating out. 

What To Do Now

So now that we know changing everything at once and striving for perfection is not going to work for long-term success, the question remains – what to do now?

Start with something. Anything. Pick ONE of the four habits and focus on getting a little better with that one thing – every day, every week. 

  • Eat slowly
  • Eat to 80% full
  • Eat protein and veggies first
  • Eat more meals at home

Simple, small changes go a long way. 

Here’s to your success. 



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