When we better understand the hidden forces and unseen factors that determine the overall quality of our lives — we have much more power and control over how we feel, think, and perform each day.

Ok, roll with me for a second…

Call to mind a time when you had a really EPIC sweat session.

Maybe you lifted weights, maybe it was a run, maybe it was kick boxing, maybe it was hot yoga, maybe it was a great dance session, whatever it was it was an experience that left you feeling elated at the end.

You know that feeling I am talking about, right?

That feeling that makes you think to yourself, I want to bottle this feeling immediately so I can drink it up later, again and again.

These powerful experiences makes us FEEL GREAT and impact the rest of our day, right?

I want to explain to you what is happening here, from our standpoint :).

When you engage in these physical activities you get into your Active Passion Zone.

The Active Passion Zone (APZ) is a state of being where we’re our best self. We all have the power to tap into it whenever we desire.

When we’re in the APZ we are able to access more energy, more joy, more focus, more creativity, and that feeling of being “alive”.

Some people may call this “flow states” or “being in the zone” — we call it the Active Passion Zone and it comes with The OverFlow Effect.

The OverFlow Effect is a natural by product of being in your Active Passion Zone. It is what resources you in other areas of your life.

Let me explain.

We all have these buckets — of energy, joy, creativity, patience, focus, and on and on.

Over the course of the day these buckets become depleted. When you get into your Active Passion Zone through some physical activity you refill these buckets.

So now, even though you’re done with the activity, you come out better off! Your buckets are now full. The APZ has resourced you, and you’re ready to tackle whatever is next in your day.

What this means is you now have:

  • more patience to deal with your kids.
  • more focus to get that work project completed.
  • a sense of calm that allows you to feel centered and relaxed in your body.
  • more joy and gratitude in your life.
  • inspiration and courage to bring forth one of your creative pursuits.
  • more energy to preform life’s daily tasks.

This is The OverFlow Effect. Isn’t it cool? You’ve experienced this before, right?

Now we can’t talk about the Active Passion Zone with out mentioning it’s contrasting state. We call this The Grind.

The Grind is the status quo, the norm, what everyone else is seemingly going along with and doing. It’s our autopilot. (We’ll be talking A LOT more about this in upcoming posts).

But for now, we want you to become familiar with these terms. We’ll be referring to them often.

—>The Active Passion Zone (APZ)

—>The OverFlow Effect (OFE)

—>The Grind (G)

Because understanding this phenomenon gives us much more power to control, shape, and master how we feel, think, and perform on any given day.

Over the next several months Nick and I will be talking about all of these elements in much more depth.

Our hope is to create a movement that is aware of this phenomenon so that we can all use it to enrich and make better our lives, our communities, and the world in which we live.

Nick wrote an insightful piece on one of the simplest ways to get into the Active Passion Zone — movement — and you can read it here.

Next week Nick will be talking about many of the tools you can use to more easily and consistently get into your Active Passion Zone.

See you next week!

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