Ah, the good ‘ole sandwich, how I love you so…BUT, how my belly fat loves you even more. Yes, sandos taste great and they are a staple of our western diet. But, sandos also violate a critical leaness rule that I want to share with you today. It’s not about eliminating sandos, it’s about being more aware of what sandos do to your body.

SO, what’s this rule that sandos violate? If you to want get and stay lean and healthy, you should:

Limit foods with a high fat + high carbohydrate content!

This combo of high fat / high carb creates a perfect environment for fat storage in the body. Not only are these foods calorie dense and easy to over consume, but they also kick off hormonal responses that tell the body to go into fat storage mode.

A sandwich with any kind of fat (meat and / or cheese) plus the carbs from the bread or bun will certainly violate this rule. Other examples of these fat storage offenders are going to be any fried food (french fries, potato chips, doughnuts, fried chicken), pizza, burgers, chips and guacamole, granola, full fat yogurt plus fruit, whole milk and cereal.

If you can avoid this one condition or at least limit the number of meals you have per week that have the high fat + high carb combo, you’ll be in a much better position to achieve your goals.

Practical Strategies To Pull This Off:



  • Ditch the bun. You can still order the burger, but just add some avocado and ask for extra veggies instead of the bun. Or better yet, have the patty on top of a bed of greens, add some cheese and you’re good to go.
  • Take any burrito or sandwich and ditch the tortilla or bread. Eat all the goodies inside with a fork. A burrito bowl works really well, simply sub out the rice and add extra veggies and salsa.
  • Order a stir-fry with extra veggies and opt for a leaner cut of beef, or chose lower fat meats like chicken breast or fish.
  • If ordering a higher carbohydrate meal like a pasta or a rice dish, opt for a lower fat sauce (tomato based instead of cream based).
  • When ordering sushi, avoid fried rolls and order a few pieces of sashimi (just the fish, no rice). 



  • Choose nuts and lower sugar fruits like berries, apple, or pears. A handful of nuts plus a small amount of fruit can be a decent snack when protein isn’t available.
  • Protein bars. BUT, not all are created equal. Make sure you check the label and choose one that has more grams of protein than grams of carbs. Many of the popular bars don’t satisfy this requirement. Here are 2 of our favorites that taste great and satisfy that protein > carb requirement. Bhu Fit Protein Bars OR Quest Protein Bars

It’s Not About Being Perfect

I want to be clear that I still think you can have your burger and fries, enjoy pizza once in a while, and get a doughnut if you want one. Shit, who doesn’t love a good doughnut? There is nothing wrong or inherently bad with those foods.

The major point is to try and avoid the high carb + high fat combo most of the time.

It’s not about being perfect. You can have the foods you love, you just need to be selective about it. The vital part is that you need to have a plan and you need someone there to help you stick to it!

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